City Airbus NexGen


Airbus has unveiled the completed prototype of its CityAirbus NextGen electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) with advanced air mobility (AAM) aircraft, with a planned first flight later this year.

The fully assembled aircraft was displayed March 7 during the formal opening of the company’s new CityAirbus test facilities in Donauworth, Germany.

A winged multicopter, the CityAirbus NextGen will use eight electric motors—six mounted on the wings and two mounted on the rear horizontal stabilizer—to propel the aircraft and its three passengers and single pilot at speeds of up to 120 km/hr (74.5 mi/hr).

The air vehicle’s development is part of a multi-pillar approach Airbus has adopted to help build the AAM industry into a future business and service.

Airbus is also working on regulatory and ecosystem aspects of the AAM industry, exploring partnerships in Bavaria, Italy, and Norway, as well as potential business models with LCI.

Testing of the aircraft’s systems is underway, with no specific entry-into-service date set.

Well, we will wait for the news.

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